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Daniel P. Reilly - Barrington RI Executive Compensation Attorney: Providing Expert Legal Solutions

Legal and consulting services for executives at all levels, employees, and board members

Services include drafting and negotiating offer letters and employment agreements, creating compensation plans, and negotiating exit packages and severance agreements. 

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Daniel Reilly, an executive compensation attorney based in Barrington, RI, offers legal solutions tailored to executives at all levels in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Specializing in the executive business and dental industries, he provides counsel on negotiating employment offer letters, contracts, compensation plans, and severance packages. With a deep understanding of the Barrington and RI business communities, Daniel Reilly is dedicated to assisting executives in achieving their desired outcomes.

Reilly Legal's
Expertise: Empowering Barrington RI Job Candidates and Businesses with Comprehensive Legal Solutions


In Barrington, RI, Dan provides consultation to executives, employees, board members, and executive recruiters and search firms, focusing on crafting competitive compensation and benefit packages. His expertise includes designing long-term incentive plans that align interests and maximize returns for both companies and executives. With a comprehensive understanding of the local job market, he ensures that Barrington job candidates have attractive and enticing compensation and benefits packages.



As a Barrington-based attorney, Dan is experienced in negotiating and drafting employment agreements for employees at all levels, including board members and boards of directors. He adeptly manages legal matters related to non-compete, non-disclosure, and "no poach" clauses, safeguarding the interests of Barrington RI businesses and protecting their valuable assets.



Dan provides specialized legal support to founders, early employees, and executives of startups and other companies in Barrington, RI. His expertise encompasses matters related to compensation, ownership, and exits, enabling Barrington businesses to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in the dynamic startup ecosystem.


For executives and employees in Barrington, RI, seeking guidance on their exits from organizations, Dan focuses on negotiating generous severance packages while carefully navigating restrictive exit agreements. He ensures that individuals receive the most favorable terms possible, allowing them to explore future opportunities without unnecessary limitations.

Acting as outside general counsel, Dan offers a wide range of legal services to corporate clients in Barrington, RI. In addition to handling general corporate matters, he provides guidance on specialized transactions, such as real estate leases, company acquisitions and divestitures, and general employment law issues. Barrington RI businesses can rely on Dan's expertise to navigate complex legal landscapes and ensure compliance while achieving their strategic objectives.

Reilly Legal's Vision: Maximizing Compensation and Protecting Interests in Barrington RI

Reilly Legal's clients include:

  • Top MA company C-suite executives

  • Small Rhode Island business owners

  • Vice presidents, managers, and employees across all functional areas

  • Boards of directors, their members, and board compensation committees at public and private companies

  • Executive recruiters and search firms

  • Candidates in search processes

  • Real estate investors and developers

Reilly Legal is the one-stop legal solution executive compensation attorney in Barrington, Rhode Island who offers for the various legal needs like job candidates, executives, businesses face, including:

  • Employment offer letters and contract negotiation and drafting 

  • Crafting both short and long-term compensation packages for executives

  • Negotiating exit agreements and severance packages

  • Working with executives and boards to handle sensitive issues pertaining to employee separation

  • Working through sensitive matters pertaining to startup company founders and their compensation and equity

  • Handling employment and compensation matters on behalf of leading recruiting and search firms

  • Additionally, Dan handles commercial real estate lease negotiation and drafting, along with small-to-mid-cap mergers and acquisitions (pre-deal due diligence through to transaction close)

Dan is licensed to practice law in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and consults on matters nationwide while also engaging local counsel for any specific legal needs in other jurisdictions.


Meet Rhode Island Attorney Daniel P. Reilly:
Your Trusted Advocate in Barrington

Executive Compensation Lawyer Rhode Island



Dan Reilly, who is licensed to practice in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, is the founding partner of Reilly Legal. He is an entrepreneurial lawyer who understands the needs of executives and corporate boards when it comes to negotiating and executing effective employment agreements and compensation plans. He serves as outside general counsel to several companies and non-profit organizations, and is legal counsel to the House Minority Leader in the Rhode Island House of Representatives.


A former executive search consultant, he worked to recruit C-level executives to technology, consumer, and industrial companies throughout virtually every function. He has worked with leading C-suite executives, directors, managers, and line employees on issues relating to their employment agreements. He has worked extensively with private equity-backed consumer and industrial companies and their people. Dan has experience in both transactional and litigation work, and has appeared before regulatory agencies. Dan is also a certified mediator. A man of many talents, Dan Reilly areas of expertise also include corporate law and real estate. 

Dan served for four years in the Rhode Island House of Representatives as the State Representative from Portsmouth and Middletown, Rhode Island. Through his time in public office, Dan has developed a strong working relationship with many inside of state government and enjoys using this experience to help his clients. Additionally, Dan served as a licensed emergency medical technician for ten years, volunteering in several area communities.

Dan is a graduate of Providence College and the Roger Williams University School of Law. He is married with two children and lives in Barrington, Rhode Island. 


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Tel:           401-619-8734

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